Out Buildings

The challenge: What child doesnít dream of having their very own ìspecialî playhouse to call their own?  What grandparent doesnít dread their empty nest over run by all the stuff that comes with having grandchildren?  With one grandchild already and three more on the way, this grandmother wanted a dual-purpose building: practical for extra storage and a safe place for the kids to play.

The solution: Benoahís remodeling crew built a building large enough to accommodate her storage needs complete with a double side door through which to fit those big ticket items. However, this isnít your run of the mill storage shed.  Our designers incorporated all the touches that make this playhouse feel just like a child sized home through exterior accent trim colors, traditional grid windows and a mahogany front porch.  The Interior is finished with drywall, wood trim, and paint.      The homeowner had functionality in mind, but her grandchildren will never know.